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Svayam Incarnation

Each Brand for A Single purpose

To Create Sustainable Network Of Eco-Systems for Helping People & Environment

Professional Social Media Networks that support right to speech & Deep Privacy

  • Bigglink is a business and employment-focused professional social media platform

  • Picsara is a portal to share stock photography, videos, paintings, and illustrations.

  • Videogare is a online video sharing, video streaming, and social media platform.

  • Verkut is an online social network service to connect with friends, family and other people you know.

Information Technology Services, Softwares & Applications

  • SINC Network is an information technology corporation, develops softwares, & applications

  • is a cloud computing platform which enables to run and build apps, anywhere.

  • Audiogare is a digital service that enables audio streaming through cloud servers.

Vegan Restaurant, Food, & FMCG Trademarks that support kindness

  • Mastiram's is a trademark for chain of vegan restaurants, spices, FMCG products, and Grocery items

  • Tikkaram's is a trademark for chain of vegan restaurants, and cloud kitchens

  • Burger Devils is a trademark for chain of fast-food restaurants, and cloud kitchens

  • Bazannia is a trademark for chain of restaurants, FMCG products, and Bakery products

Worldwide News & Media portals that support truth & humanity

  • Viremail is a worldwide news portal, which offers free personal, and business email service.

  • The Today Indians is a worldwide news portal and a monthly magazine.

  • The Bombay Indians is an entertainment focused portal and a monthly magazine.

  • The Delhi Indians is an Indian poltical news portal and a quarterly magazine.

Clothing, Personal Care, & Lifestyle

  • Mantra-Tantra is a herbal natural personal care, and wellness products brand.

  • JohntyMonty is a men focused natural personal care, wellness and clothing brand.

  • Salogar is a personal care brand with scientifically natural premium products.

  • Styleside is a cosmetics brand for haircare and skincare products for both Men and Women.

Marketplaces of manufacturers, farmers, & enterprises around countries

  • is an e-commerce marketplace platform to buy and sell consumer products.

  • Frutolocal is an e-commerce marketplace which connects, local farmers with local people.

  • Playgare is a decentralized marketplace for softwares, applications, and games.

Communities in cities, states, & societies

  • Jugglar is an application for community of worldwide performers & artists.

  • Helpstar is an application that connect people with instant help nearby.

Educational services to skill up students and professionals

  • Maxweb is an educational institute to learn softwares, programing languages, & IT development.

  • Cetus Academy is an educational institute to learn website design & development.

Legal Services, brand protection, and other business services

  • Urban Filings is a digital worldwide legal & business services platform

Marketing & Advertisement Network

  • Mads Network is a marketing and advertisement portal, and easy eco-system of publishers & advertisers.

Relationship websites & apps, where your can find real partner

  • Rishtywale is a free online Indian wedding service platform