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Svayam Incarnation

Each Brand For A Single Mission

Towards more smarter, much intelligent, and most automated but humaneinnovations.

Merely humane ventures can only sustain the world for humans.

  • Bigglink

    Bigglink is a business and employment-focused social media platform that works through mobile apps and websites.

  • Viremail

    Viremail is a free personal, and business email service powered by SINC Network. This includes a webmail interface featuring mail, calendaring, contacts, and tasks services.

  • The Today Indians

    The Today Indians is a news portal and a monthly magazine, which focus on collecting and publishing research and stories realted to business, and politics around the globle.

  • Bigg Daddy

    The Bigg Daddy is a chain of

  • Bombay Indians

    The Bombay Indians is a south indian news focused portal and a monthly magazine, collecting and publishing information related to entertainment, food, travel, tech, market, jobs and industries.

  • Delhi Indians

    The Delhi Indians is a north indian news focused portal and a monthly magazine, collecting and publishing information related to national politics, food, travel, tech, jobs, business, market, and industries.

  • Kalakaar Foundation

    A Non-Profit organization to empower artists with secure employment and business growth.

  • Mads Network

    Mads network is a marketing and advertisement portal through which it can be easy to publish advertisment inside SINC Network.

  • Mantra-Tantra

    Mantra-Tantra is a herbal natuaral personal care products brand which focus on organic herbal non-toxic market growth.

  • Mastiram's

    Mastram is a trademark for chain of restaurants, FMCG products, and Grocery items, which aiming for the awareness and use of vegan, health, food chain, and climate change..

  • Picsara

    Picsara is social media portal for photographers, and graphic designers, for sharing and selling stock photos, videos, photoshops, and illustrations.

  • Playgare

    Playgare is a gaming social media marketplace, gaming console and cloud game hosting server.

  • Red Channel TV

    Red Channel TV is a internet protocol television service to broadcast content from a local machine to personal server to user device via apps or website..

  • SINC Network

    SINC Network is a technology division which focusing on artificial intelligence, internet advertising, backend technology, cloud computing, computer software, e-commerce, and consumer electronics..

  • JohntyMonty

    JohntyMonty is a men focused personal care and clothing brand which maintained a tradition of quality and innovation.

  • Vekrut

    Verkut is an online social media and social networking service which aims to focus on user privacy.

  • is an e-commerce marketplace service, which connects Indian manufactures, wholesellers, retailers, and layman to global economy.

  • Maxxweb

    Maxxweb is a trademark for institute and academy which aims to learn and get skilled in information technology, hardware, and networking.

  • is an Indian online wedding service. Its core market is India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, UK, Canada.